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In mid-2008, residents of the upper Pecos River valley, along the scenic and historic Santa Fe Trail in San Miguel County, New Mexico, became aware of plans to develop an industrial wind power facility on a mesa bordering this area. This website hopes to present some of the information we have accumulated in the course of investigating the potential ramifications of this proposal, and to generate a greater public awareness of the need for closer scrutiny of all the aspects involved with industrial energy facilities and their impact upon rural communities.

The mission of the New Mexico Citizens Alliance for Responsible Energy and Sustainability

is to encourage greater public discussion and government oversight of wind industry development in New Mexico. We are working to:

  1. Protect the health and welfare of residents and communities through adequate setback distances
  2. Preserve scenic, cultural and historical landscapes to maintain quality of life
  3. Protect the environment and wildlife from negative impacts of industrial-scale development
  4. Establish a code of conduct and ethics for procedural transparency and oversight for all entities involved in the wind development process.

An Open Letter To President Obama (and other legislators)

January 22, 2009
Dear President Obama,
     Your laudable plans to move away from fossil fuel energy sources will create economic opportunity for a host of renewable energy companies. However, in this new economy, millions of rural residents and the rural landscape itself will be significantly affected by the development of large-scale alternative energy systems. Many of these facilities are being planned in the immediate vicinity of small towns all over this country, with potentially devastating consequences to the residents. The construction of these industrial facilities can also have an irrevocable impact on the rural ecology and landscape. This impact extends beyond the lives of rural residents to all of our society and the millions of urban dwellers who enjoy and replenish their lives by visiting rural America.
     We believe that inadequate consideration has been given to the impact of renewable energy industrial facilities on rural communities and on the rural ecology and landscape. New utility-scale power generation facilities are being located based solely on proximity to transmission lines without regard for any other factors. Rural residents ask that you and your administration work to gather all relevant information on the impacts as well as the benefits of these systems. Specifically, we feel a dialog on the criteria for the siting of these facilities is badly needed, with adequate evaluation of both social and environmental costs. This dialog is the only way to ensure that all citizens, both rural and urban, will have protection of both their quality of life as well as our precious natural resources.
     The Rural Residents of America

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The move away from fossil-fuel-based energy sources is creating economic opportunity for some. The gold rush for wind power is placing industrial-scale projects in close proximity to rural towns because they are convenient to transmission lines, not because they are where the best wind is. Health and property values suffer. I feel a national dialog on the criteria for project placement is badly needed, with adequate evaluation of social and environmental costs. Would you work to develop this?

Constitution of the State of New Mexico

Sec. 2 (Popular sovereignty): All political power is vested in and derived from the people, is founded upon their will and is instituted solely for their good.
Sec. 4 (Inherent rights) All persons are born equally free, and have certain natural, inherent and inalienable rights, among which are the rights of enjoying and defending life and liberty, of acquiring, possessing and protecting property and of seeking and obtaining safety and happiness.

"Every calculation based on experience elsewhere fails in New Mexico."
Lew A. Wallace, Governor of New Mexico Territory, 1878-1881, and author of Ben-Hur

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