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Here are some maps of the area.
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Mesa Between I-25 and Villanueva 1 Mesa Between I-25 and Villanueva 2

A 20-Mb pdf of the image on the left above can be downloaded here.

topo1 topo2

Here are some maps that were prepared by the County to illustrate various setback concepts.

1- and 3-Mile Setbacks from Communities.
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1-Mile setback from Villages.

3-Mile setback from Villages

Line-of-sight projections from the Pecos and Gallinas Rivers to points 250' and 400' above the horizon.

Line-of-sight concept.

Click map image to download the PDF. 250' viewshed from rivers

400' viewshed from rivers

We thank James Phillips and San Miguel County for preparing these and providing them to us.

Wind Classes
Here are some maps of the wind class at various locations around the state.
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Current and Proposed New Mexico Wind Farms New Mexico Wind Resources Map Image

Wind Class at NMWEC Wind Class at High Lonesome Wind Ranch

Wind Class at Argonne Mesa Wind Class at La Sierrita

The map below shows soil map units on the mesa.
A soil map unit is composed of several soil types, listed as percentages of the unit, and described by its composition and suitability for uses such as agriculture or forestry. This map explores depth to bedrock.
In the area most likely to be populated with wind turbines (the windward edge of the mesa), the dominant soil unit is TS, which is composed of 40% Tuloso, 30% Rock outcrop and 35% Sombordoro types, with some random insignificant stuff mixed in. The maximum depth to something solid in those types is 20". Soils are not described below 60" depth.

Soil Types

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Thanks to geomanda for the mapping.

The New Mexico Electrical Transmission System as of 2005

New Mexico Transmission System

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