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La Sierrita Wind Facility Visualization

Thanks to Bill Dolson for creating this virtual tour

These are images from a Google Earth hypothetical model of the proposed La Sierrita wind generation facility. A total of 47 copies of a generic wind turbine model (similar to a GE 1.5 MW unit) were placed along the North and West rim of the mesa with at least a 1000' setback from the mesa rim. The turbine model has an 88-meter hub height and 70.5-meter blade diameter. Views were then recorded from a variety of locations in the vicinity. It should be emphasized that the locations of the turbines are completely conjectural based on sketchy information about the location of lands of interest to Invenergy through offers or statements by Tierra representatives. As more information becomes available the model can be updated to provide greater fidelity.

You can download Google Earth youself and insert this model to get the view from other locations.
Instructions for downloading the model

These images are only thumbnails of much larger images. Click on them to see the full size image.

all images copyright 2008 Tele Atlas, Image NMRGIS, Image copyright 2008 DigitalGlobe, Image U.S. Geological Survey

The view from the I-25 Bernal exit in the late afternoon.

The view from the I-25 Bernal exit in the early morning.

The view from the I-25 Route 3 exit.

The view from Ribera at the Route 3 railroad crossing.

The view from San Miguel Del Bado in front of the church.

The view from Pueblo at the intersection.

The view from the Valley School.

The view from I-25 near Tecolote in the late afternoon.

The view from I-25 west of the San Jon San Jose exit.

The view from the I-25 overpass at the San Jon San Jose exit in early morning.

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