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Wind Turbine Acoustic Noise (Summary)

from National Wind Watch

Author:  Rogers, Anthony; Manwell, James; and Wright, Sally

The human response to sounds measured in decibels has the following characteristics:

For the determination of the human ear’s response to changes in sound, sound level meters are generally equipped with filters that give less weight to the lower frequencies

Once the A-weighted sound pressure is measured over a period of time, it is possible to determine a number of statistical descriptions of time-varying sound and to account for the greater community sensitivity to nighttime sound levels. Terms commonly used in describing environmental sound include:

If a wind turbine is proposed within a distance equivalent to three times the blade-tip height of residences or other noise-sensitive receptors, a noise study should be performed and publicized.

Download the complete document “Wind Turbine Acoustic Noise” (300kb pdf file).

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